Nancy Pender, Vice President

When reporters, such as myself, leave the news business, it’s not unusual for us to move on to careers in public relations. It’s a natural progression. The skills, street smarts and networks developed as a journalist are the very attributes that make the PR industry a smart, practical and likely choice – however that is not to say the decision is easy.

News people like to describe this transition to PR as “going to the dark side.” I have to admit, I am guilty of having made this trite characterization. After all, when you love being a reporter, you see it as a noble profession and dismiss those who leave the craft for better hours or wages as sell-outs.

But, as I make my foray into this bold new world, I’m discovering exciting new challenges and a wealth of appreciation for what I bring to the table.

With the ever-growing popularity of social media, more and more companies and business leaders are finding themselves on the defensive. What begins with one nasty tweet or blog post can explode into a major news story and plunge a reputation into free fall.

Controlling the narrative is crucial, and not a skill that comes naturally. I enjoy helping our clients find their voice or recognize when it’s best to say nothing. Dark side? This is one girl who has seen the light.