Tom Ricketts: 

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Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts joins his team following Wednesday night’s loss in thanking the Cubs dedicated fans, and celebrating an incredible run: 

An 85-year-old Cubs fan thought 2015 might be the year his team would win it all. Aaron Wolf has been waiting on that moment for decades.

He was in the stands for Game 7 of the 1945 World Series when the Cubs played against the Detroit Tigers. That’s the last time the Cubs were in the World Series.

Wolf said Wednesday night’s game was hard to watch. But he was still proud to be able to watch in person at Wrigley Field.

“I’m happy the Cubs have done so wonderfully well, from coming from nowhere in a year to having the third highest percentage of wins in all of baseball this year,” Wolf said.

Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts shook hands with Wolf and gave him an autographed baseball. He also asked Wolf to have hope and look forward to next year.


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