Universal Technical Institute: 

Universal Technical Institute’s education manager, Matt Greenspan, tells Cars.com that ongoing, proactive automotive upkeep is the best way to save money, and ensure your car can survive even the coldest of winters: 

“If you stay up on your scheduled maintenance activities, your car will be ready for whatever extreme weather comes your way, Greenspan said. He suggested checking your tire-tread depth using a penny (Lincoln’s head should be at least partially covered if your tread is in decent shape); taking your car to the dealer or repair shop for an inexpensive electrical system and battery check; regularly replacing your windshield wiper blades; and getting a 30- to 40-point inspection done before winter to ensure your spark plugs, filters and belts are all in good condition.”

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Cars.com, “Is El Niño Your Car’s Amigo?,” March 11, 2016