08/24/18 – Alternative to Traditional Careers

August 24th, 2018Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: WCIU"It's almost time to go back to school and for some that might mean college, but if you're not sure about a college career, there are other options out there for you! Universal Technical Institute offers an alternative to traditional career paths. The Jam's Diana Gutierrez visited the campus,

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8/13/18 – New 'Ignite' course builds interest in skilled trades

August 13th, 2018Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: Daily Herald"It didn't take long for Giovanni Lopez to realize he fit in perfectly around Universal Technical Institute's Lisle campus.Lopez isn't a student at the vocational school. He hasn't even finished high school yet. But he spent three weeks of his summer waking up at 4 a.m. to make

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Clients in the News – 02/03/2017

Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: Chicago Business JournalFor decades, an unchecked maxim in society was that attending and graduating from a four-year college would guarantee the American dream. A college diploma was the ticket to a career, prosperity and higher wages.Today, you don’t need to look far to find a college graduate who is underemployed, holding

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Clients in the News – 01/23/17 – UTI

Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: The State Journal RegisterBound for college? New report suggests it's not for everyone"The study used earnings of auto-diesel students who went to Universal Technical Institute, which has a campus in Lisle, as an example of outcomes for an up-skilled occupation in comparison to earnings for liberal arts students.The analysis found students

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Clients in the News – 10/24/2016

Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: Daily Herald Universal Technical Institute in Lisle was profiled in Friday’s Daily Herald:"Our programs are the most robust out there," said Patrick Skarr, a UTI spokesman. "We are laser focused on the education the students want to get and help them get ready for their careers. No community college can afford the

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Clients in the News – 10/13/2016

Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: Kane County Chronicle If you have a high-end car, it needs high-end winter treatment. UTI graduate, and current owner of Autobahn Automotive Service John Velazquez tells us how to keep that finely-tuned machine running:Helping owners protecting those investments is the job of John Velazquez and his crew at Autobahn Automotive Service of

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Clients in the News – 9/15/2016

Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: Cars.com Slamming on the brakes is bad for your car, and your co-pilot won’t appreciate it either. Universal Technical Institute’s education manager, Scott Keene, offers Cars.com some hard truths on braking:"Hard braking in itself won't harm your vehicle. Antilock brake systems have virtually eliminated loss of control due to skidding ... which

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Clients in the News – 4/27/2016

Client: Universal Technical InstituteSource: Cars.comUniversal Technical Institute’s education managers, Scott Keene and Marty Kucha, tell Cars.com what to do when you’re about to run out of gas:"Admit it: You've been there. We all have. You were making great time. You were trying to beat rush hour. You wanted to wait until the next food stop

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Clients in the News – 3/18/2016

Client: Universal Technical InstituteOutlet: My Suburban LifeAs part of its ongoing commitment to providing exceptional education, Universal Technical Institute recently participated in the DuPage County ‘Counselor Institute Day. Chelsea Biggs, interim youth programs manager for Screening for Mental Health Inc., and Jan Tkaczyk, national director for counselor and academic relations educated counselors how to identify

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