The Huffington Post’s Amanda Schneider explains how Zurich got it right: 

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Jennifer Kyung, Headquarters Business Lead at Zurich said, “We use data to make other decisions, why wouldn’t we use the same approach to make decisions for people to be effective in the workplace? This building is not just a new building, but a catalyst on our journey to be the best.” Meg Osman, Executive Director of CannonDesign’s Corporate/Commercial Practice echoed, “We have learned a lot as part of this process. Anytime you’re working on something without the proper data and measurements, the design aspect can be quite subjective – and that can be frustrating. Here, at Zurich, they will go into the new space confident they have the right solution.” Read More:  

The Huffington Post, “Zurich Got it Right: Data Based Design,” September 9, 2015