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Source: Kane County Chronicle


If you have a high-end car, it needs high-end winter treatment. UTI graduate, and current owner of Autobahn Automotive Service John Velazquez tells us how to keep that finely-tuned machine running:

Helping owners protecting those investments is the job of John Velazquez and his crew at Autobahn Automotive Service of St. Charles.

Autobahn offers a winter storage preparation package that includes a full inspection and diagnostic analysis. Services also include stabilizing and topping off fuel, checking all other fluids, testing the battery, installing a trickle charger, and over-inflating tires so come spring there are no “flat spots” from standing in storage over the winter months…

Velazquez has 16 years’ experience, including graduating first in his class at the Mercedes Elite program, and was trained at Universal Technical Institute. He worked for several Mercedes dealerships in Chicago and other states, including a dealership whose owner was trained in Germany.

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Kane County Chronicle, “High-end vehicles deserve high-end winter protection,” October 13, 2016