Client: Universal Technical Institute

Source: My Suburban Life Media

As elected officials struggle to fund higher education and expand vocational career training programs, employers in Illinois are working with industry partners to encourage students to complete career training programs at technical schools. Some employers are now offering tuition reimbursement, and other hiring incentives, to help pay for technical education:

“The demand for qualified automotive and diesel technicians has never been higher in Chicago and Illinois,” Ian Hardie, employment service director at Universal Technical Institute’s campus in Lisle, said in UTI’s news release. “Given the shortage of qualified applicants, employers have to compete to attract the top talent. It is a matter of simple supply and demand…

The state has not done a great job of building a vocational training pipeline, so industry has stepped up to work with our partner technical schools to build workforce training programs,” Nick Stafford, technical recruiter for Illinois-based CIT Trucks, said in the release. “We are competing against 60 to 70 other employers at campus career fairs, so we need to increase our recruiting efforts to stand out.”


Suburban Life Media, “Transportation employers incentivize career training,” April 26, 2016

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