Ashleigh Johnston, Consultant

Even professionals make mistakes. In fact, it probably seems as though professionals make more than the average person because their mistakes are more public.  In social media, the reaction is instantaneous. Before you can even notice the mistake or start correcting it, followers will start calling you out.

There are a variety of tiny details that go into a social media post that could trigger a response. Maybe it was a typo, a hashtag mistake, a controversial or sensitive topic or misunderstood tone (sarcasm does not read well, it reads like ‘jerk’).

Social media is the place to be but as more and more companies get on board, the potential for problems also increases. I found an article on Twitter posted by that gives you the step by step on how to deal with social media gaffes. Your company needs to have a plan on how to deal with gaffes when they happen, and if your company already has one, the tips below should be taken into consideration. The key to take away is that you need to be prepared!