The Real News on Social Media Giants

By Dennis Culloton, CEO and president The investigation into alleged collusion by President Trump’s campaign with the Russians –and his protests of “fake news”--has overshadowed what may be the longer lasting impact of Russian meddling in U.S. elections-- the real news that the biggest media companies in the world were grilled on Capitol Hill.Social media giants

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NFL vs Consumer Social Media

Andrew Touhy, Assistant Account ExecutiveThe NFL announced a new policy effective October 12 that will ban teams from streaming and sharing all video-based social media during the games. Additionally, teams cannot shoot video and post it to their own accounts, or make highlight GIFs. In talks with teams, ESPN reports that “league executives want to

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Elonis vs U.S. and our Free Speech

by Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President Most people know December 1 as Cyber Monday, but in reality it is the beginning of a legal case that may change the way we navigate social media. Elonis vs U.S. is scheduled for oral arguments on December 1. As The Washington Post notes in an excellent article by

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The Newsroom vs. Citizen Journalism

By Julia Schatz, Account Supervisor The HBO series Newsroom aired the season 3 premiere on Sunday. The episode covered the Boston Marathon Bombing from April 2013. As this episode depicts, the media was a mess when these bombings occurred – CNN inaccurately reported an arrest and had to retract the story with major news outlets

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Comfortable in Her Own Skin

By Nicole Roman, Account Executive After spending several years as a recluse, Monica Lewinsky has returned to the public eye. This raises a ton of questions: Why is she writing this now? What's her next move? And, of course, what do her words mean for Hillary Rodham Clinton? Through a Vanity Fair article, public speeches

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Is a crisis brewing with your brand on-line?

Dennis Culloton, President and CEO Don’t make me speak in platitudes again, folks about social media changing the world of getting your message out, blah, blah, blah. For my colleagues, clients and readers over a certain age: remember what the kids were once doing upstairs in their room when you were telling them to turn

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Comin' In Hot

Patrick O'Connell, Intern While watching television recently, I came across a commercial for Domino’s Pizza that posed failure as an option, which surprised me that such a large franchise would admit. In this commercial, they make a joke about their not so popular or successful attempt at serving cookie pizza. Upon further research, I came

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Arby’s GRAMMY Moment

Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President Even though the GRAMMYs were a few weeks ago, I can’t get the funny Arby’s tweet out of my head.  In the space of an hour, Arby’s -- which isn’t exactly a name you expect to hear at the GRAMMYs -- became forever linked to music artist and producer Pharrell

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What were the biggest PR blunders of 2013?

Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive I think one of the biggest PR blunders was made at the very end of 2013 by the now infamous Justine Sacco, a PR executive for the company that owns, the Daily Beast and more.  Late December, before getting on an international flight, she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope

Lululemon Spreads Holiday Cheer Online and Off with #NoHumbug Challenge

Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive Lululemon has faced their fair share of PR obstacles this year (think see-through yoga pants) so one might expect me to write about their crisis management. However, in the spirit on the holidays, I chose to focus on a recent campaign Lululemon’s PR team has done very well. Despite my

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