Angelica Munoz, Intern

Most college students wait until after their second or even third year, to start looking for an internship. However, after completing my first year at Seton Hall University, the importance of networking and beginning the job search process early has already been instilled in me. The main difficulty in finding an internship opportunity in the middle of my freshman year was deciding where I should intern. As a business major and communications minor, I accepted an offer to be a part of the Culloton Strategies team for the summer of 2014.

Throughout my college career I would like to be able to experience the various sectors of the business world and public relations plays an important role in any business. When choosing where I would spend my summer I thought, what better way to start that off than to experience the world of public relations?

As my spring semester came to an end, the excited and accomplished feeling turned into nervousness, which often comes with the anticipation of new experiences. I quickly turned my nerves into  productive excitement and I look forward to taking full advantage of this opportunity.

As a first-year intern, I have so much to learn about public relations. Through the opportunity the CS team has offered me I hope to gain as much knowledge as the team allows. Throughout the 10- week process, I hope to gain a better understanding of what public relations is and to acquire a variety of skills that will benefit me in the future. In addition, I hope to experience personal and professional growth and obtain the confidence I see within the members of the CS team.