"Left, right, left, right"

Evan Jackson, Intern As an English major my freshman year at Carthage College, I was unsure as to what I would do with the knowledge I had gained when looking for a career.  My sophomore year I decide to change my major to Political Science.  I felt this knowledge and skillset was more aligned with

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A Head Start

Angelica Munoz, Intern Most college students wait until after their second or even third year, to start looking for an internship. However, after completing my first year at Seton Hall University, the importance of networking and beginning the job search process early has already been instilled in me. The main difficulty in finding an internship

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A Summer of Experience and Opportunity

Patrick O'Connell, Intern I recently decided to make the switch from education to public relations – a switch involving professions that sit at opposite sides of the spectrum, I know. But when it came down to it, I realized that history and working with kids was a hobby that I enjoyed, not something that I

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