Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President

Even though the GRAMMYs were a few weeks ago, I can’t get the funny Arby’s tweet out of my head.  In the space of an hour, Arby’s — which isn’t exactly a name you expect to hear at the GRAMMYs — became forever linked to music artist and producer Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell’s choice of headwear rang a bell with someone at Arby’s who was quick on his/her feet and tweeted about the resemblance to their logo.  And as if that isn’t enough, Pharrell’s hat happened to be a lovely Arby’s shade of brown which only enhanced the similarities. Will miracles ever cease?

In our business we often talk about things happening organically.  This would be a prime example.  It showcases two things about public relations:  you must always be thinking one step ahead and it doesn’t hurt to get lucky once in awhile.  Thanks to a coincidental, fashion-forward hat, Arby’s became the beneficiary of a nice PR boost.

And the winner is:  Arby’s!