Dennis Culloton, President and CEO

Illinois’ lawmakers are scrambling like college freshmen, pounding coffee and pulling all-nighters before finals, to compensate for the months of procrastination that characterizes the legislative session. This week of chaos, cramming, and caffeine can be a stressful time for anyone with an interest in the legislative process.

Having a plan is the key to success in Springfield and any place where decisions are made. I’ve often used the three-level chess game analogy. I am not much of a chess player myself but the image is compelling. You make a move on level one, I make moves on levels two and three. Checkmate.

The board game levels are the different ways in which you promote an idea or defend your interests.  You don’t finish the game on one move.  It is a strategy of many different moves to create the public opinion and support for what needs to be achieved.

We’ve encountered clients who think legislation can be passed or killed with a phone call or two. Maybe Richard J. Daley could make that happen, but not very often since.  More commonly, you go into college-style cramming mode right along with the lawmakers.  If that’s the case, then load up on the Red Bull.

Even Governor Quinn is bracing for a hectic week. Here’s a link to a good summary of the type of madness in Springfield this week: https:///