Summer’s End Ushers in the Silly Season

By Dennis Culloton, President & CEO Labor Day weekend means an unofficial turning of the page from summer to fall, the memory of Jerry Lewis, who was once known as a genius in Paris, and the kickoff of college football. Every other year it also marks the beginning of the silly season known as the

Cooler Heads Prevail, Especially in Politics

 Conor Culloton, Assistant Account Executive White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has one of the wildest, most demanding jobs in communications. His job is to present on-message stories regarding President Obama to the press. Being on-message in many industries is hardly as controversial as it is for a Press Secretary in politics. To compound Carney’s

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Patrick Skarr, Account Supervisor Today is one of my favorite days of the year – Election Day! While in the Land of Lincoln, the voters aren’t being asked to weigh in, the decisions of voters elsewhere will set the tone and environment for our upcoming election. Most importantly, elections and incumbent office holders will take

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Super Committee Begat Sequester, Sequester Begat Fiscal Stubbornness, Fiscal Stubbornness Begat Continuing Resolution, Continuing Resolution Begat Standoff, Repeat

Patrick Skarr, Account Supervisor I feel as though we’re living in a dream, wherein television has become reality, and reality occupies television. All of the radio waves have somehow meshed the Nov. 19 episode of The West Wing, aptly named, “Shutdown,” into the minds of capitol hill strategists and politicians. We’ve seen theatrics on both

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Lawmakers and Constituents Brace for the End of this Legislative Session

Dennis Culloton, President and CEO Illinois’ lawmakers are scrambling like college freshmen, pounding coffee and pulling all-nighters before finals, to compensate for the months of procrastination that characterizes the legislative session. This week of chaos, cramming, and caffeine can be a stressful time for anyone with an interest in the legislative process. Having a plan

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PR 101: Know Your Audience

Manny Ozaeta, Account Supervisor This past Tuesday’s special election in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District proved to be a non-event. The contest was held to replace former Rep. Tim Scott, who had accepted an appointment to the Senate after Jim DeMint’s early departure to lead the ultra conservative think-tank, the Heritage Foundation. It was especially

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Where Sports Branding Meets Politics: Jacksonville's Love Affair with Tim Tebow

Conor J. Culloton, Intern As our effort to help the Ricketts family win approval for their $500 million plan to save Wrigley Field continues, we are reminded that politics and sports often intersect in the open forum of 21st century American public opinion.  But at least we haven't appealed for presidential intervention. The University of

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Reframing Messages for a "Plurality Nation"

Dennis Culloton, President & CEO All communications professionals should take note of the latest census data.   America is developing into a "plurality nation" comprised of a multiplicity of racial groups.  By the end of the decade, according the New York Times, no single racial or ethnic group will constitute a majority in children 18 and

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