A lesson in crisis communications: “Gone Girl”

Do you remember the book "Gone Girl" written by Gillian Flynn? Whether you read the book, saw the movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, or both, I think most of us had the same initial reaction of "wow, that's messed up." But after joining the Culloton + Bauer Luce team and recently re-watching the

Coming Out. Ready or Not.

Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive A few weeks ago, Michael Sam, Mizzou’s defensive end and the 2013 SEC co-defensive Player of the Year, came out, positioning him to potentially become the first openly gay player in the NFL.  Although this is no longer breaking news, the story will continue to make headlines as Sam represents

Lawmakers and Constituents Brace for the End of this Legislative Session

Dennis Culloton, President and CEO Illinois’ lawmakers are scrambling like college freshmen, pounding coffee and pulling all-nighters before finals, to compensate for the months of procrastination that characterizes the legislative session. This week of chaos, cramming, and caffeine can be a stressful time for anyone with an interest in the legislative process. Having a plan

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It's a Tricky Business Staying Magical

Ashleigh Johnston, Account Executive The New York Post first reported there is a company in Florida that caters to New York’s wealthy elite (or insanely desperate) by offering the opportunity to ‘rent’ a physically disabled person, to gain advantage while touring Walt Disney World. The company Dream Tours Florida offers this service at $130 an

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The Road to Leadership

Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President Friday afternoons are not always the most productive in an organization, but often in the world of public relations it seems like Fridays are a firestorm of activity.  Maybe it’s a client crisis or our own personal crisis because a deadline has come and gone, but usually it’s full speed

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

What would any company be without a great team? “Good-to-great management teams consist of people who debate vigorously in search of the best answer, yet who unify behind decisions, regardless of parochial interests.” -Jim Collins   Jodie (Shpritz) Kaplan, Vice President of Media Relations and Branding Having worked in a newsroom for eights years, I

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