Dennis Culloton, President & CEO

All communications professionals should take note of the latest census data.   America is developing into a “plurality nation” comprised of a multiplicity of racial groups.  By the end of the decade, according the New York Times, no single racial or ethnic group will constitute a majority in children 18 and under.

Political strategists—remember the Council Wars of the 80s in Chicago?—advertisers and marketers should realize the new politics of addition and multiculturalism that will be required.  It will no longer make sense to develop divisive strategies geared toward specific groups. The marketing strategies currently in place are all about making sure certain demographics are hit to create diversity but this need will become obsolete. Strategists will need to create communication geared toward all cultures while focusing on none in particular.  In fact, we are already seeing the change as young people today embrace multicultural friends, classmates and relatives.   Whether it is a political party or a consumer product marketer, the lesson is build a big tent.