How to Starve the Media – Exhibit, Toronto Blue Jays

Here's Josh Donaldson post-game on dust-up with Manager John Gibbons, and his new Tom Ford cologne #bluejays — Faizal Khamisa (@SNFaizalKhamisa) August 17, 2016 The best way to manage a crisis is to avoid one completely. Josh Donaldson just did that. The present day news cycle is rapid. Deprived of a meaty story, the

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Advantage, Sharapova: The Reputational Benefits of Crisis Management

Andrew Touhy, Assistant Account Executive.Allegations of cheating by an athlete can quickly and drastically change public perception, marketability and sponsorship revenue. Aside from personal integrity and reputation, for a high performing athlete, tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars hang in the balance. Reputations built over a career have been tarnished under the intense

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In a Time of Peace Prepare For War

By Nicole Roman, Account Executive According to late night comedian, Seth Meyers, a new poll shows that only a slim majority of Americans think the country is prepared for an Ebola outbreak. But I think we deal with outbreaks pretty well. It only took us a couple of months to completely eradicate Gangnam Style! As

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By Dennis Culloton, President & CEO The CDC is the latest government agency to be the subject of criticism, questioning and late night comedian ridicule.  Reports in the Washington Post (https:/// )indicate the second Texas hospital nurse, exposed to the Ebola virus from treating a West African Ebola victim who later died, was told by the

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Backed Up Deep in the Redzone

Nicole Roman, Account Executive After being named NFL Commissioner in 2006, Roger Goodell’s actions created a reputation that he was “the enforcer” of the world’s largest and most valuable sports franchise. He accepted no excuses and no nonsense when it came to player safety and the conduct of league athletes on and off the field. 

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Being There and Sending a Message

Dennis Culloton, President & CEO  For three of Illinois’ favorite sons—President Obama, Governor Quinn and Mayor Emanuel—it’s been a summer of crisis.  So much of the criticism they’ve faced has been over imagery. Should President Obama have visited the Texas border towns where thousands of Central American children have illegally migrated to escape human rights

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“The Sterling Decision”

By Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive The NBA recently faced a highly-controversial, racially-driven crisis when L.A. Clippers team owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape late last week making racist comments. Players demanded Sterling’s exit from the league, fans expressed outrage, and sponsors canceled their contracts with the Clippers. The reaction by the NBA, specifically

Facts vs. Fantasy: I’m Binge-Watching “Scandal” for You

Angela Benander, Vice President of Advocacy and Corporate Responsibility Here’s a conversation I’ve had more than once lately: New Acquaintance: “So, what do you do?” AB: “I work at a boutique public relations firm. I specialize in crisis management and communications. I started my career in Washington.” NA: “Oh, like Olivia Pope??” AB: “Who?” NA:

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