Every Crisis Pales In Comparison to Las Vegas

By Dennis Culloton In a week like the one America has just experienced, it seems trite to discuss crisis communications like we do here in this space--everything pales by comparison to the tragedy in Las Vegas. We like to preach that in times of crisis, communicating to your customers and the public is a priority. That priority

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Dangerous Divisiveness

Andrew Touhy, Account ExecutiveCrisis is often self-inflicted. There are countless examples of companies bringing a media storm upon themselves, and a recent casting call issued by Cadillac was no different.Per an image posted by Reuters news service, the luxury car company issued a casting call notice that said their filming agency was looking for “any and

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Pokemon Go Prepare For A Crisis

Andrew Touhy, Senior Account Executive The debut of Pokémon Go was nothing short of…wild. Nintendo’s first mobile-gaming hit recorded more downloads in a week than Tinder has had in its four years of existence, and saw it’s stock shares raise a ridiculous 55%, the fastest bounce in a decade for the company. There is no doubt about it – this

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Thoughts on Dallas

Dennis Culloton, President and CEONothing can replace a lifetime of experience and character when it comes to a moment of truth in a crisis situation. Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings rose to the occasion last night and this morning in addressing the media and the public after the cowardly

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March Madness PR Strategy

CeCe Marizu, Account Executive Can you hear that? That would be the sound of pencils and erasers furiously attempting to fill out the perfect bracket for March Madness. Some of you may never fill out a bracket (I suggest this is the year you start), maybe you’re the person who just fills out the bracket

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