Innovation and Wild Turkey: Remembering Herb Kelleher

By Dennis CullotonHerb Kelleher once drank a plastic cocktail glass of soda after he extinguished his cigarette in it on a dare—well, actually a warning—from me. So I hope he will appreciate that I grinned when I read of his passing at age 87 yesterday. At a time when it is trendy in business to be considered

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MGM’s Unconscionable Choice

Dennis Culloton, President and CEOMGM Resorts International announced last week they had sued 1000’s of plaintiffs who had sued the company after last fall’s bloody Mandalay Bay Las Vegas shooting.  On October 1, Stephen Paddock fired his semiautomatic rifles out his 32nd  floor Mandalay Bay Hotel room onto country music goers below killing 58 people

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07/04/18 – Ricketts family consultant to Rick Telander: Stay classy, not classist

July 4th, 2018.Chicago Sun-TimesDennis Culloton"Back in the 1980s I thought I was the luckiest kid on earth when I was admitted to Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. As the Northwest Side son of a cop and a teacher, I was going to show everyone I deserved to be there. Someday I would be a

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WHILE I WAS ROOTING–What we learned this month in crisis communications

By Dennis Culloton CEO, President It’s no secret this space is reserved for Cubs fans and we’ve often used Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s wit and witticisms to illustrate larger crisis communications leadership truths.As we lick our wounds from being eliminated from the National League Championship playoffs by the Los Angeles Dodgers (3 home runs including a

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06/30/17 – Cubs owners borrow more than $65 million on Wrigley rooftops

June 30th, 2017Client: The Ricketts Family / Chicago CubsSource: Chicago Tribune"The debt replaces several smaller loans for rooftop buildings on Sheffield and Waveland avenues that the team's owners acquired in a series of deals from January 2015 through February 2017 and creates one larger long-term loan, said Dennis Culloton, Ricketts family spokesman.Wintrust's loan refinances the

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Leaving the Press and your Spokesman in the Dark is No Strategy

By Dennis Culloton, CEO and President, Culloton Strategies and University of Illinois Visiting LecturerAs I recently wrapped up another mini-semester teaching Crisis Communications at the University of Illinois, it struck me that this year more than ever, students had the unprecedented experience of learning by watching a startling array of major crises befalling brands and

Clients in the News – 12/10/2016

Dennis Culloton explains why companies should be conscious of Donald Trump’s tweets:“Still, Trump's social media outbursts probably have CEOs at other big companies wondering who's next. "This has to be a topic of conversation in boardrooms because you have someone who, whether you like it or not, really understands the power of his own brand

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