Clients in the News – 12/10/2016

Dennis Culloton explains why companies should be conscious of Donald Trump’s tweets:“Still, Trump's social media outbursts probably have CEOs at other big companies wondering who's next. "This has to be a topic of conversation in boardrooms because you have someone who, whether you like it or not, really understands the power of his own brand

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Clients in the News – 12/7/2016

Source: Vanity Fair Dennis Culloton offers Vanity Fair his take on why Trump may never stop tweeting:It’s so quaint that politicians still get pissed at the press and utter some version of Mark Twain’s, “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”That was underscored again Monday by Donald Trump, who tweeted, “If

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Clients in the News – 12/6/2016

Source: Poynter Dennis Culloton weighs in on why Donald Trump is not going to stop taking to Twitter to bash the press – even after he’s inaugurated:Then there's Dennis Culloton, a Chicago corporate and political consultant who was once spokesman for a Republican Illinois governor."Like it or not, with nearly 17 million followers on Twitter, President-elect

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Clients in the News – 11/21/2015

Dennis Culloton: Crain's political reporter, Greg Hinz, talks with Dennis Culloton about how to navigate the delicate relationship between politicians and the press: "Those who avoid the media run a risk, says Dennis Culloton, who runs his own firm but in a previous life spoke for Richard M. Daley's Department of Aviation and Gov. George Ryan. Even

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