Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President

Friday afternoons are not always the most productive in an organization, but often in the world of public relations it seems like Fridays are a firestorm of activity.  Maybe it’s a client crisis or our own personal crisis because a deadline has come and gone, but usually it’s full speed ahead until the phone stops ringing late in the evening.

This past Friday, however, I was able to take part in a leadership brainstorming session that was thought provoking and admittedly a bit different from the usual routine.  Conducted by CeCe Marizu, an account executive here at Culloton Strategies, it was an opportunity to kick back and think about how we lead, internally and externally.  Like all businesses we are feeling the growing pains of success; more work, more talented colleagues and more attention to detail; thus a discussion on leadership was necessary.

CeCe was a scholarship athlete at University of Illinois, where she majored in broadcast journalism and received her master’s degree in educational policy studies.   As the swim team captain she knows a lot about leadership both in and out of the water.

What struck me about the conversation, besides the importance of creating the basics of a mission statement, vision and core values, was the fact that companies thrive when everyone is pulling in the same direction.  If the goal is defined and the road is clear of misleading obstacles then success is inevitable.  Thankfully, we apply these principles everyday with our clients and like all businesses, some have it on cruise control, while others should not text and drive.

Thirty minutes later, it felt like a great way to end the week, contemplating some of the best mission statements out there, which I have shared below: