Andrew Touhy, Assistant Account Executive

gettyimages-72679121The NFL announced a new policy effective October 12 that will ban teams from streaming and sharing all video-based social media during the games. Additionally, teams cannot shoot video and post it to their own accounts, or make highlight GIFs. In talks with teams, ESPN reports that “league executives want to make sure that content generated within the stadiums, including game highlights, is hosted by team websites so that the league maintains control of what is disseminated.” It is certainly logical that the NFL wants to ensure that posted videos represent the messages and values of the league. However, for a league and specifically a chairman is that is perceived to be the jury, judge and executioner, throwing the reigns on teams producing and sharing genuine content that may boost ratings and increase team-to-fan interaction will do nothing to rectify that image. Following numerous player scandals, and a certain Tom Brady situation that finally came to an exhausted close, the league needs a win in the eyes of its fans. Putting video-based social media behind bars is not the way to do it.

Following the NFL mandate to ban video-based social media, teams have resorted to posting animated highlights during games. For a league that has been suffering a steady television ratings decline, this move is an absolute head-scratcher. Makes you wonder if Mark Cuban was right 2 years ago when he said the NFL was due to implode within ten years.