NFL vs Consumer Social Media

Andrew Touhy, Assistant Account ExecutiveThe NFL announced a new policy effective October 12 that will ban teams from streaming and sharing all video-based social media during the games. Additionally, teams cannot shoot video and post it to their own accounts, or make highlight GIFs. In talks with teams, ESPN reports that “league executives want to

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All News is Good News for the NFL

Andrew Touhy, Account Executive In the most simplistic terms, Roger Goodell took Tom Brady to court based on an NFL report, picked the venue, and still lost. In today’s 40-page ruling, Goodell was criticized heavily by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman for dispensing “his own brand of industrial justice.” For the most powerful, yet most detested

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Putting the Secret in Secret Service

By Dennis Culloton, President & CEO The crisis in confidence that has afflicted the U.S. Secret Service shares some characteristics of the fall with the NFL.  Both organizations have long been held in high esteem, comprised of what many still see as the best our country has to offer. Both dropped the proverbial ball. The

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Backed Up Deep in the Redzone

Nicole Roman, Account Executive After being named NFL Commissioner in 2006, Roger Goodell’s actions created a reputation that he was “the enforcer” of the world’s largest and most valuable sports franchise. He accepted no excuses and no nonsense when it came to player safety and the conduct of league athletes on and off the field. 

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Coming Out. Ready or Not.

Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive A few weeks ago, Michael Sam, Mizzou’s defensive end and the 2013 SEC co-defensive Player of the Year, came out, positioning him to potentially become the first openly gay player in the NFL.  Although this is no longer breaking news, the story will continue to make headlines as Sam represents

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