Chicago: A City of Fair Weathered Fans with an Unruly Sporting Climate

  Patrick O'Connell, Intern The prestige of Chicago sports is undeniable: the historic ’85 Bears and their shuffle into the hall of fame, the international phenomenon of the Jordan-era Bulls and the recent championship run made by the Blackhawks. One can argue, however, that despite its obvious presence in the sporting world, Chicago may be

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Where Sports Branding Meets Politics: Jacksonville's Love Affair with Tim Tebow

Conor J. Culloton, Intern As our effort to help the Ricketts family win approval for their $500 million plan to save Wrigley Field continues, we are reminded that politics and sports often intersect in the open forum of 21st century American public opinion.  But at least we haven't appealed for presidential intervention. The University of

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February Madness Work Flow

CeCe Marizu, Account Executive If you haven’t started watching college basketball this season you’re missing out.  Yeah, I’m talking to you “I don’t like college basketball until March” fans.  For the past five weeks the number one team has gone down, Big Ten basketball is AMAZING this year and Notre Dame vs. Louisville reminded us

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