A lesson in crisis communications: “Gone Girl”

Do you remember the book "Gone Girl" written by Gillian Flynn? Whether you read the book, saw the movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, or both, I think most of us had the same initial reaction of "wow, that's messed up." But after joining the Culloton + Bauer Luce team and recently re-watching the

Stand Tall in the Face of Adversity

Andrew Touhy, Account Executive If you didn’t happen to catch Cam Newton’s post-game presser, you probably heard about it. And if you’re the type that strayed away from the media frenzy surrounding the Super Bowl, here is a quick summary.After the Panthers’ loss to Denver in last Sunday’s Super Bowl showdown, a sullen and frustrated Cam

Dugging a Hole

By Grace Culloton of Giant Talk  and Culloton Strategies Art Director It should be no surprise that reality TV stars are living crisis communications case studies.  Americans love reality TV precisely because stars are a hot mess. But when it comes to the networks that air them, they enjoy the ratings until the hot mess

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“The Sterling Decision”

By Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive The NBA recently faced a highly-controversial, racially-driven crisis when L.A. Clippers team owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape late last week making racist comments. Players demanded Sterling’s exit from the league, fans expressed outrage, and sponsors canceled their contracts with the Clippers. The reaction by the NBA, specifically

From Crain's Chicago Business: BP contained bad press along with oil in Lake Michigan spill

Dave Bayless, consultant to Culloton Strategies, was recently asked by Crain's Chicago Business to write an op-ed that analyzed BP's crisis communications performance in the immediate aftermath of last month's oil spill at the company's Whiting, IN refinery.  Here is the full article that appeared April 9: When it was learned that crude oil was leaking from its

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What were the biggest PR blunders of 2013?

Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive I think one of the biggest PR blunders was made at the very end of 2013 by the now infamous Justine Sacco, a PR executive for the company that owns Match.com, the Daily Beast and more.  Late December, before getting on an international flight, she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope

Facts vs. Fantasy: I’m Binge-Watching “Scandal” for You

Angela Benander, Vice President of Advocacy and Corporate Responsibility Here’s a conversation I’ve had more than once lately: New Acquaintance: “So, what do you do?” AB: “I work at a boutique public relations firm. I specialize in crisis management and communications. I started my career in Washington.” NA: “Oh, like Olivia Pope??” AB: “Who?” NA:

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Are cruise ships forsaking safety for the wow factor?

Ashleigh Johnston, Account Executive Cruise ships today make the Titanic, what was once the world’s largest luxury liner, look like a bathtub toy. The novelty factor of sailing on the world’s largest ship is still there, but on a level designers and builders of the ill-fated ship could have never imagined. Ships have evolved into

Reputation on Display

Julia Schatz, Account Executive Earlier this week, a story broke about 11-year-old Lexi Haas being denied entrance to the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, Ga. because her wheelchair would “get the carpets dirty.” To summarize the ridiculous and, in my opinion, appalling event, a staff member of the museum would not allow the

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A Lesson in Contrast

Ashleigh Johnston, Account Executive I wrote earlier this year on Carnival’s infamous “poop ship” scandal, and how competing cruise lines should try to quell a potential backlash on the industry. Initially, it appeared that cruise lines continued with the status quo and seemed to be no more or less transparent than normal. However, a recent

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